About Us

We started with 6 chickens so we would have fresh eggs that we knew what they ate (lots of allergies in the family). Next we got our goats after a lot of research, we were able to purchase our herd of 4 from someone and we happily brought home Misty, Pepper, Ginger, and Nutmeg (our wether). Because we wanted milk to make everything we could think of using the goat milk we bought a buckling Billy. Billy taught us a lot. You see our first 4 had been taken to daycare and loved all over constantly, so we took it for granted when we bought our young buckling that he would be friendly too. We worked hard to gain his trust and have him as friendly as our first 4. Once Billy was old enough and interested enough in our girls we soon had babies - we kept Goatdaddy and Doc Holiday from that kidding season. We made sure to spend lots of time with the kids so that no one else would have to do as much work as we did with Billy. That first year I learned how to make soap, soft cheeses, caramel, butter, and several other things. Next we got Guinea fowl because my mom is allergic to chicken eggs, however we didn't realize that if the hen sees you take her eggs that she will move her nest, because unlike chickens apparently guinea hens can count. I learned from that experience and bonded our next guinea keets to baby chicks and now those guinea hens lay in the nests with our chickens without moving when we come to collect them - they watch us still and we try to make sure they don't see us haha. However, before these last guinea hens started laying mom needed eggs so we got some ducks and while we were waiting for them to start laying we got some quail. Mom enjoyed eating the quail eggs in everyday things and the duck eggs for baking. We lost mom tragically and suddenly at the end of 2020 and I can say without a doubt I am thankful for my animals because they were great therapy for myself and my dad. In fact I started running at this time while taking dad to the gym because my anxiety was so high it was the only thing helping and only on the night I ran. Well, until my goats starting kidding in Feb 2021, all of a sudden the panic attacks were gone. I fully believe it was mainly my goats, I tell my goats all the time that they are my therapy. Nothing beats a lap full of baby goats snuggling up to you and falling asleep on you, If you sit down, your lap is fair game and they starting piling on. Once I started milking again we decided we like fresh milk much better than frozen so I added Boots (a former show goat), Flipflop (Boot's daughter), and Smores (Flipflop's best friend since birth) and plan to milk year round. I learned how to do hard cheeses, lotion, play with scents and color in my soap. I want to constantly learn new things and add to what I already know how to do. I think it is very important to add to your resume every year (personal and professionally). I never want to get to the point I feel like I know everything, learning if a lifelong quest for me. The last thing we added was 3 baby turkeys, when your husband calls you and says he wants to bring home a couple what else do you say lol. After getting them, I wish I had them years ago. These turkeys are the sweetest and just want to be with you. 

For the record people ask me all the time if I have hens who aren't laying anymore that they can purchase from me. Our feeling is that they worked hard for us giving us eggs so the least we can do is allow them to live out they lives spoiled as they were accustom to. Now roosters on the other hand I have had to cull. There is a ratio of chickens to roosters and you cannot have too many roosters. If my husband could he would keep all the roosters and all our baby kids, I fully understand because we spend so much time loving them and spoiling them.