L & R Feathered Goats

We have feathers - Chickens, Ducks, Guinea Fowl, Quail, and Turkeys. We also have goats - Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Benefits of Goat Milk

6 Surprising Benefits of Goat Milk Soap

About L & R Feathered Goats

The letters L and R are family surnames, L is from my husband's side and the R is from my side. We wanted to give tribute to both our fathers as they have been our cheerleaders, advice givers, test subjects, and who we want to make proud.

About Us

About our Products

We use only sustainable and renewable oils, non GMO, food grade, and highest quality. Because everything is made by hand, sizes vary, and labels may not be on perfectly centered.

Goat Milk Recipes - Coming soon

Always on the hunt for recipes to use with our goat milk and wanted to share a few of our favorites. I collect cookbooks, so this is an important/must for our page.


We offer classes each month at Von Thorne Art Emporium in Cleveland GA. We do classes on cheese making and soap making, but stay tuned for more. See our facebook page for pictures of past classes.


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